Nairobi city centre is beehive of activities on Sundays, group of teenagers are ever busy posing for selfies and taking photos.

And now it has emerged that the photo sessions are not as innocent as you might think. It is actually a recruitment exercise for sex parties.

Investigations by Nairobi Journal has established that the girls and boys aged between 13 to 20 years convene every Sunday for the randy parties where anything and everything goes down.

This comes weeks after 26 boys and 18 girls  aged between 14 to 17 years were busted at a house party, which was hosted by a woman in Kilimani area.

They were also found with various brands of alcohol and rolls of bhang.

A source has now claimed that some teenagers, both boys and girls approached him recently for a photo session at the city centre but their plans changed at the last minute.

“Three weeks ago, I met them and took some photos along Kenyatta Avenue for around an hour. Then at around 6pm, they led me to a private place along Moi Avenue claiming they were meeting some friends” he revealed.

“We checked in the room and the girls changed their clothes to more revealing stuff. One of them asked me to take good photos for recruitment into a party in Kasarani. I left them in the room and never went back,” he added

In what seems like aping local and international celebrities, the male teens mostly spot stylish clothes, shiny shoes while others wear heavy chains around their necks.

Females wear revealing dresses, wild hairstyles and have deep tattoos, visible piercings on their eye brows, lips, noses and exposed navels.


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