The Kenya Sex Workers Alliance has denied claims that they will support Deputy President William Ruto or any other politician in the country ahead of 2022 elections.

Their reaction comes after photograph of some members of the Alliance was widely circulated various platforms with banners reading that….”Asante Ruto for supporting our hustle. Wewe tutakupea bure”

The Alliance leader Fellister Abdalla in interview with local daily said that unknown individual doctored the message the banner at the same revealed why members of the alliance are not allowed to receive any donation from politicians or support them.

“The photo was taken in 2012 during our demonstration in Thika and the messages was different is what is being circulated, it is so unfortunate because the group is community does not take political stand because we have specific agenda of pushing for sex work to be decriminalized” she said

“We don’t support Ruto, Riala or Uhuru because it will interfere with our agenda of pushing for sex work to be legalized in the country but the person who came up with that idea of editing the banner means that our job is respected” she added.

The chairperson said the Alliance members who are about 20,000 don’t accept their token from politicians in exchange of votes unless one is promising to support their agenda.


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