Controversial city preacher, Bishop Thomas Wahome, the Founder of Helicopter of Christ Ministries, is back in circulation after going mute for a while.

The flamboyant preacher disappeared from the limelight and diverted his efforts to other businesses when some Kenyan preachers were accused of duping followers with miracles to make ends meet in 2014.

At the time Wahome’s claim was that God had given him a special register that contained people who will go to heaven  and those who will burn in hell.

Then he used  to charge Ksh 1,000 to anyone who wanted to know his or her destiny and foolish faithfuls flocked to his church, wanting to know whether their names are in the book of life.

He has now resurfaced with latest ride in town; a Mercedes G-Wagon, the same car that President Uhuru Kenyatta drives when running his private errands.

The vehicle according to few bazaars in town retails around Sh26 million and above depending on the year of make and more expensive features as requested by the clients.

Across the world the German made Merceders G-Wagon has been touted as one of the safest cars thus its price that has seen few individuals afford the same make in Kenya.

Other prominent people who drive the same make locally are Citizen Tv’s Jeff Koinange and lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi.


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