It started with disturbing video of granny rolling on the ground and cursing in Kalenjin dialect after losing her Sh8100 to crooks along the Bomet-Narok highway on Monday.

The granny, Elizabeth nebo Arap Sinei from Makimeny area in Bomet county narrated how the crooks in a truck approached asking to drop her on the way not far from home since they knew her and heading towards the same route.

She explained “they were two, a man and woman; in fact the boy resembled someone I know from the village. Before boarding, they told me to hand them the money I had so that they can ‘protect’ them from being detected by  ‘computer’ at the ‘headquarters’ as that would risk their job’”.

The granny obliged and handed over the cash still not convinced to board the truck parked just metres away from the scene unknown to her that the two were just criminals after her money.

Minutes later, Elizabeth realized that minutes after the culprits had left that they swapped the cash with stash of papers tucked in exercise book….and that is when she wailed and rolled on the ground as some passersby thronged the scene.

The video recorded at the spot has been making rounds with majority cursing the unidentified goons but this has now turned to be blessing in disguise for the granny seeing as some good Samaritans have been contributing some money to assist her after the ordeal.

Nairobi Journal has been told some Kenyans in the US raised Sh100,000 for the granny yesterday and others on various platforms in Bomet and Kericho County have raised and delivered similar amount.

Well that’s the power of social media, we hope the police will probe the matter soon, Pole Batiem and God bless the good Samaritans.


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