Bishop Victor Kanyari

Controversial Bishop Victor Kanyari has admitted he also goes by the name Bishop Mwangi on a morning show on Radio Africa’s Radio Jambo.

This follows complains that he has been extorting money from naïve faithfuls, in the name of sorting out their problems by praying for them.

Kanyari was put on limelight by a KTN’s Jicho Pevu exposee on 2014 on how he was faking healing miracles by use of Potassium permanganate that turns red on contact with water.

Kanyari before Bleaching

On claims he is back, ripping-off Kenyans he told a local daily; “My name is Mwangi and I’m not hiding. I preach on many radio stations nowadays. Am I the only one who asks for offerings? If there’s anyone who claims I’ve conned them, let them step forward and declare as much,”.

He added; “Those who are making these allegations are unhappy about my progress and what I have achieved.  Let them come out and face me if they are truly honest. They know where to find me…in my church at Nyamakima.”

What shocked many was that Radio Jambo were getting these complaints from listeners but turning a blind eye.


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