Sifa Towers
Old age comes with myriads body changes including graying hair, wrinkled faces, cellulite and sagging body parts which were once firm and perky.
You can now fix such problems thanks to Opulence Spa located opposite Sifa Towers just a walking distance from the junction of Ring road and Lenana Road.
Lucy Wahome, the founder and owner of the spa says she has the solution to problems that come with ageing.
Middle aged and elderly clients check into her spa to their ugly pot bellies and to clear stretch marks spreading out like on their arms and legs.
Women can have their sagging breasts fixed to look firmer and they can also have warts and wrinkles cleared in safe non-surgical processes.
“People love to look good because it gives them confidence in their lives. However local hospitals are too costly for such procedures and that’s why I decided to offer pocket friendly solutions” she said.
Explaining,”the latest one is skin tag machine for warts removal that uses soft filters making the process smooth and painless unlike before, it also wipes out acne and black spots”
To remove the warts, take around six sessions going for Sh500 and depending on the number of warts on the face on any other part of thus the charges can be scaled down.
She reveals that bust lifting device used to firm up sagging breasts is another hotcake and her customers are mostly middle aged women, even though anyone over 25 is fit for laser process.
Here the customers must visit the spa for twelve sessions each going for Sh5000 in non-surgical process that involves fitting the mammary glands with special cups before undergoing the process.
She added that, “Most of my clients are much older, others are above 40 who want to remain young having delivered and breastfed; the charges are negotiable for those who complete specific packages”
Men who check in , mostly settle for laser face lifting machine that pulls the loose ends of the skin and one parts with Sh6000 per visit while those seeking to shed off ugly pot bellies part with Sh5, 000 for 21 sessions of non-surgical process and burning of the fats around their bellies in the process dubbed liposuction.
“Many people think its rigorous process but it is painless and the fats are passed out through the urine that’s why clients take a lot of water and special diets afterwards, we also advise them on the special creams to use after the process”, Wahome said
Customers who are afraid of the machines settle for body wrap procedure that involves applying dead sea mud on the whole body and wrapping the whole body with special cloth for one and half hours.
“The sea mud are imported from Egypt, the process is mostly to detoxify the body, it is recommended after every three weeks, and each session cost Sh6000” she said.
If you are feeling conscious about wrinkles, stretch marks or aging skin or breasts, Opulence spa is the place to where you can get them fixed for good. Lucy Wahome can be reached on 0722987025


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