Kenya’s celebrated referee Aden Marwa who was to serve as an assistant referee in this FIFA World Cup was exposed receiving a bribe to influence an outcome in June’s Fifa World Cup matches.

The 41-year-old Marwa received a paltry Sh60, 000, exposed and kicked out the officiating team. Kenyans were furious but this was not the first instance a Kenyan was entangled in dishonesty at international sports realms.

In January 1999 Chairman of Kenya Olympics Association (Now National Olympic Committee Kenya) Charles Nderitu Mukora allegedly accepted a bribe of 34, 000 US Dollars (Sh3.4 million) to vote for US’s Salt Lake City bid to host 2002 Winter Olympics.

Referee Aden Marwa. [Courtesy]
Then 64-year-old Mukora who was the association’s leader from 1990 and had managed the Kenyan team to the Olympics in Mexico City in 1968 and Germany, Munich in 1972.

He resigned after he was found culpable alongside other Olympic officials; Agustin Arroyo (Ecuador), Jean-Claude Ganga (Republic of Congo), Zein El Abdin Ahmed Abdel Gadir (Sudan), Lamine Keita (Mali) and Sergio Santander Fantini (Chile).

Mukora who admitted receiving the money claimed it was intended for setting up a training camp in Nanyuki. He was quoted in media thus; “The money that I am alleged to have received from the Salt Lake City bid was the money used to establish a high altitude training camp in Nanyuki. I have not used the money for my personal purpose,”.

“Mukora allegedly accepted Sh3.4 million to vote for US Salt Lake City bid to host 2002 Winter Olympics”.

Then International Olympic Committee President Juan Antonio Samaranch urged them to step down. “We encourage them to tender their resignation. They don’t have to wait to be expelled. It is better to put to an end this most dire chapter in the history of the whole Olympics,” Samaranch stated in a statement to the press.

“These people have done great harm to the Olympic family and now their greatest service to the Olympic movement is to simply accept their fate.” He added.

A Belgian member of the investigative panel, Jacques Rogge termed it as “Brutal corruption”. Salt Lake City Olympics hosted the event.

Juan Antonio Samaranch

Likewise, the 2000 Sydney Olympics was also compromised and in the debacle a Kenyan among two Africans pocketed millions of money to vote in favour of Sydney.

Australian officials admitted giving the said Kenyan 34,650 US Dollars (Sh3.5 million). Australian Olympic Committee Chairman, John Coates admitted the Kenyan and Ugandan received an annual stipend of about Sh518, 000 each between 1994 and 2000 to support Australia in the bid.

They however claimed it was not a bribe but intended to “Finance sports in the two countries”. Some International Olympic Committee officials were subsequently kicked out.


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