Governor Sonko bodyguard made our son disabled – City family

Abdi Hasaan before the incident

Three years ago, Abdi Hassan was leading a normal life and trying to make ends meet doing manual jobs within Nairobi’s Rauraka area.

From the little money he made, the seventh-born managed to eke a modest living. Today, tides have changed and he tells a completely different story.

Abdi has been immobile for more than a year now. The 28-year-old is assisted to do everything, including attending to the call of nature.

His elderly mother who has been reduced to taking care of a grown son is longing for the day her son will be well again.

“He has been bedridden for almost a year now. I’m the one who does everything for him, just like when he was a baby. My wish is to see him back on his feet through proper medical care,” she said.

But how did a youthful man in his prime end up in this state?

Abdi story dates back to mid – 2017. Governor Sonko’s motorcade was winding its way down the stretch between Serena Hotel and Uhuru Highway. Like most youthful Nairobians during campaign periods, Hassan excitedly followed the motorcade.

“At some point, I managed to hang onto one of the chase cars like other youth, then one of his guards reached for a stun gun and used it on me. I fell down and hit the pavement so hard since I was not expecting the shock. I thought it was an electrocution,” he said.

Abdi claims that after the incident, some of his close friends rushed him to a city hospital where he was diagnosed with a spinal injury.

A medical report from Nairobi West hospital indicate that Abdi suffers from weakened muscles. Today, his limbs are too weak to even maintain a handshake.

He said, “I thought it was not a serious problem until I started shading muscles then physiotherapy was recommended.”

“We tried reaching Sonko who had been sworn in as governor since I marked the bodyguard who shocked me. Getting hold of the governor became impossible,” he said.

He added: “With time, my muscles became weak; at the same time my family had depleted all our savings in an attempt to seek a cure for my nerves.”

Ali Moha, Abdi’s brother, recalls that later in 2018, he managed to get the attention of Governor Sonko during an event in Nairobi and made quick arrangement for the patient to be admitted in hospital.

“Having witnessed the situation of my brother getting worse every day, I decided the best way was to time when Sonko was around and rush him (Abdi) there. That day came when the governor was launching a project outside his office,” claims Abdi

He says that, “Sonko was distracted because I was supporting Abdi on a motorbike and he called an ambulance that took Abdi to a city hospital for treatment.”

Abdi’s family now claims that their son was thrown out of hospital on the fifth day after admission by Sonko goons who wanted Abdi dead so that the whole issue can be forgotten.

The family has never reached Sonko since then as their efforts to text or call him have nerver borne any fruits.


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