Mike Sonko and Patrick Nderitu

Pimp my Ride garage along Kenyatta Avenue where Simmers Restaurant once stood has been demolished for the second time.

The demolition was supervised by Nairobi governor Mike Sonko around 2am on Thursday morning in move that has shocked Nairobians.

Pimp my Ride garage that took over after Simmers was leased to city tycoon Patrick Nderitu by City County with the help of Sonko.

Nderitu and Sonko were once close friends but differed when the businessman went repossess a land in Buru-buru in May this year.

Shortly, Sonko arrived with hired goons leading to clash then his convoy was stoned forcing security officers to fire in the air to scatter the rowdy group.

Nderitu acquired the multi-million shillings land more than a year ago and he was there to evict a school and church sitting there as ordered by Nairobi Court.

A Nairobi court had scheduled an inter partes hearing tomorrow following demolition of the same garage in May that was supervised also supervised by Sonko in what the businessman claims to have lost more than Sh80 million.

During the Thursday morning demolition at Pimp my Ride garage; owner of one of the M-Pesa shops within the complex lost a safe with unknown amount of money.

“Sonko was in his car watching as the bulldozers demolished everything in the middle of the night,” said one of the witnesses who had been guarding the business.

The guard added that a costly hydraulic vehicle alignment machine was also destroyed in the process.


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