Olympics and world three times 1500 metres athletics winner Asbel Kiprop has posted a distress text on his social media platforms following a four year ban for alleged doping.

Kiprop was banned by International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) Disciplinary Tribunal after testing positive for Erythroprotein (EPO), a blood-boosting substance which increases the production of red blood cells, boosts oxygen circulation in the body.

Kiprop who is a police officer wants his employer the National Police Service to fire him before he uses his firearm ‘to seek justice.’ He also wants to IAAF to come take all the medals he has won.

The AIU in its finding said that that two urine samples collected from Kiprop on November 27, 2017 turned out to be positive, something which has continued to deny.

“I pray to National Police Service to dismiss me Now. Before I use their machinery to earn myself Justice.Kindly. IAAF come take your medals. I don’t need any on my house wall,” the 29 year old athlete posted on his Facebook wall.


“They can’t stand with me now & for me to earn justice but if I die today; They will attend my send off to testify my legacy & preach my legacy!!! Don’t welcome them.”

His friends say he needs help, since he no longer picks their calls, probably because he is depressed man.

” I have also tried reaching him but he is not answering calls or texts Benjamin Limo Asheshy Tosh Kish Janeth Kossy Jepkosgei Amos Kipruto Saina Betsy, I have tried looking for him in our hangs outs this afternoon but I can not trace him.Someone please reach out, ” one iof his friend Peter Chepkong’a said.


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