Men with long and heavy beards could be having small testicles; this is according to a study from the University of Western Australia and the University of Zurich.

The team studied the balls of more than 100 different male primates as part of their research

The study found that it was “hard to be both” (to have beards and big balls) of these things as it takes too much energy.

While the scientists focused on animals, many say the results can also be applied to humans, given that we are also primates.

Study co-author Dr Cyril Grueter said the team chose to study primates as their testicle size can vary enormously.

shocked bearded man (courtesy)

Dr Grueter said the size is a factor linked to male appearance and the primate’s desire to father offspring.

He explained: “But not all of them can have what they want. So how do they succeed?

“Well, they can produce so-called ‘badges of status’; showy ornaments that help their bearers control access to females by intimidating other males.


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