Anne Mwangi

Anne Mwangi, a third-year law student, has been elected the first female student to lead the powerful University of Nairobi Students Association.

The student who has been nicknamed ‘Waiguru’ because of her striking resemblance with Kirinyaga County Governor Anne Waiguru trounced her rivals Samuel Ayoma and Ertiman.

merged photo of Anne Mwangi and Anne Waiguru (courtesy)

The polls were held on Friday, through an electoral college and the results released on Sunday.

Following her victory Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko invited her to his office to congratulate and advise her but some nosy folks thinks the City Boss could be dangling a carrot on her face.

Stunning Anne Mwangi

Sonko posted “Good deeds Ambassador congratulating Ann Mwangi Mvuria in the ongoing Nairobi beautification programme. As earlier said Ann becomes the first female student from University of Nairobi to win the campus chairpersons position. Let me pre-empt all your bad comments by saying all women are pretty.

In the photos Sonko is seen holding ‘Waiguru’ tightly like long time lovers. Below are some of the comments from Sonko’s followers on Facebook.

Nairobi Governor and Anne Mwangi hugging tightly

Alfred Kirunyu Thanks for her election.. I hope that erections will not take place😂😂😂😂

Jeff Mwaura She was ELECTED, So Dnt ERECT on her pls. Hii post uliiweka saa nane usiku, ni kama ulikuwa na sleepless night. Haaaa, Big up to my Crush Ann Mvurya.

Loketo Lukorito Sonko, give her a scandal.

Ann Marangu Ann wote ni scam,I don’t trust that name

Joe Mic Your Excellency, hiyo hug inakaa ile ya kushika sufuria moto! Fanya venye prezzo alifanya!

Dudu Baya If I were the boyfriend now, I would be busy looking for the strongest tree and rope around. That hug is exceptionally tight.

Fred Jeremiah Its a plus to the county government as now no more destructive demonstration

Agatha Chris Saa nane governor ndio Una congratulate waiguru look alike? Sosoright

Thur Gweno My Governor, even you knows that I will always elect you as my leader always. But here I must say something. Kama kitu ni Safi, lazima kichapwe kuni. Mazee, even Solomon the wise had them. Gavana, Mimi na maliza hivi, kuna chakula kitamu ukikula ata watu watasema, ni kweli kinafaa hehehehe


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