Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is man of many faces, when he is not busy sharing videos of ‘development’ on Facebook, he is insulting his rivals as ‘Washenzi’.

Such stunts have seen his popularity diminish slowly like sand inside hour glass, in fact some of his posts nowadays rarely attract more than hundred comments unless sensitive if its sensitive issue.

On Saturday, Sonko shared a video of prayer session in company of two ‘Prophets’ in move that elicited various reactions from his followers.

He captioned the video ‘Young promising Pastors’ but Nairobians were quick to judge the alleged men of God pronounced blessing and protected the governor with the ‘blood’.

The preachers have been identified as Habil Olembo of Arena of Miracles Ministries and Pastor Chris of Mombasa.

First, one of the preachers appears not serious, with curled hair, brown khaki trouser and leathers shoes, it was noted.

His counterpart attracted more scrutiny with bluish T-shirt, shiny chain on the neck and sports shoes mostly worn by police constables and athletes.

Nobody knows if the preachers were invited to pray for the governor over certain issue or they were pushing to meet him with different agenda.Here is the video and comments from Nairobains.


Ahmed Maalim Abdullahi He is Wearing Arabic t shirt

Maurine Morena · And this one will go to church on Sunday and start talking about how he prayed for Sonko instead of preaching the gospel of God.#thetimeiscoming

Sweetmela Amor Promising hehehehehe…hapo wana calculate ni doo ngapi hiyo maombi italeta

Sam Wa Kansoul ·Awa ma pastor wa blingbling ,simu tatu kubwa za touch,nywele mkarango na kunyoa sijui ama wanakaa conmen

Macharia Mwatech;hehe. ati young promising pastors.. wako attachment ama?

Apostl Bonny Badu ·Salvation is the gift of grace speak since in their lives

Samuel N Njoroge ·Bullshit,, Governor is a guy he should not listen to this stupid fake so called pastors ,,, nonsense rubbish and hypocritical people

Kahiu Irungu  this is a prove of whom we elected on Nairobi…Hata maombi unaweka live…I can’t say amen when I hear that you will be the longest serving governor

Titoh Mash Mash ·Hata hakai pastor

Wambiri Mwaura ·Umeanza kutupa form sonkoree


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