A man who calls himself Mfalme Tajiri is back in the country from gulf where he works and Nairobi women are thirsting for his piece.

‘Wamama’ or Desmond as he is also known on various gossip pages rose to fame from posting interesting and equally nasty photos including his uncut dudu claiming to be women’s defender.

In some instances, he has been sharing his videos on Kilimani Mums and other groups while dancing naked thus attracting thousands of women on his social media pages.

‘Wamama’ jetted back in the country over the weekend and his ‘women’ have been expressing their undying love while others have sworn to drop their wet panties for him.

On Saturday, Mfalme Tajiri was spotted with hundreds of beautiful lasses at Thika Road’s Green-spot Gardens drinking and enjoying nyama choma courtesy of Nairobi women.

Even though the chap has two front teeth missing and blunts pencil, he was overheard swearing to bed more than 1000 women before flying back to gulf.

Well, if your wife has been following ‘Wamama’, be worried brother, he might be among the aforementioned number.

‘Wamama’ (Right) with fans in Nairobi


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