Here is the terrorist who went to meet “72 Virgins” without manhood


The terrorist who blew himself up during last week attack at Riverside’s Dusit D2 hotel has been identified as Mahir Khalid Riziki.

The January 15th afternoon attack left more than 20 people dead and scores injured and in swift move security forces managed to kill five terrorist after cornering at the Hotel’s 7th floor.

Cars on fire after an explosion at Riverside Drive. [Courtesy]

The bodies of the terrorist were widely circulated until netizens shared a manhood suspected to belong to one of the attackers who blew himself up thus linking it to Mahir’s.

Since the attack, Kenyans online have been discussing the fallacy among Muslim and non Muslim terrorist that those who blow themselves up will receive reward of ’72 virgins’ in heaven thus the ‘discovery’ of ‘manhood’ has been tickling netizens.

Illustration of 72 virgins (courtesy)

Mahir 25, was born in Mombasa’s Majengo area and had been attending Masjid Musa Mosque until he left to Somalia after meeting Ramadhan Hamisi Kufungwa man who allegedly introduced him to Al-Shabaab.

In early 2015, Mahir confirmed to his family in Mombasa that he had relocated to Somalia where he was training with the terror group.

A security source disclosed about his arrival in Kenya for the attack. On January 13, he sneaked into Kenya through Elwak in Mandera County, then to Takaba, and boarded a bus in Marsabit town to Nairobi.


He then proceeded to Muchatha to link up with Ali Salim Gichunge, to receive instructions on his role and on the day of the attack, Mahir reportedly arrived at the scene earlier but was constantly communicating with Gichunge, taking instructions and updating him on his status.

The attack strategy was for him to detonate his suicide vest to kill people at the Secret Garden restaurant and signal the incoming attackers.


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