Over the years, women have had dived opinions on why Men in uniform including police officer, doctors, pilots, chefs and even mechanics all have something in common; charming.

While no agreement has been reached seeing everyone has their own taste, here are ten views from Kenyan women about men in uniform.

Brenda Lucy Wambui hahaaaa they know to satisfy women in bed,very caring and for security purpose.

Elsie Yena Magaspak They’re disciplined. N wanajua hard life.

Binti Jessy Jess These men have a particular type of woman they date and a type they marry very good mind game players .

Lovely Lucy men in uniform have pay slips. Sure bets

Purity Cheruu they are trained so they know how to handle women and most of them don’t tlak much but good in action…

Hydro Ken Protection

Marion Ras These guy’s are womanizers, I don’t know why when they join forces they leave with that habit

Sarah Otieno Nature of all women.. protection things

Meja Noor Bin Adan Train and tested in Israel…..I like it all men’s in uniform…. Hapo SWA….no reject….

Estah Aini Wanakaranganga mtu sawasawa


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